Essential items to pack when traveling

Hello everybody!  Today’s post is all about my favorite items to carry with me when traveling.  Currently, we are driving in northern Texas surrounded by plains, sand, and hills onto our final destination, Lake City, Colorado. Yesterday we drove from New Orleans to Dallas ( around 9 hours). We are going to split the final drive by spending the night in Fort Garland, Colorado so that we can go sand sledding at Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve. Otherwise, it would be 13 hours to go all the way from Dallas to Lake City. I don’t know about you, but I am not a big fan of car rides. So, I have plenty of stuff packed to help with that!


This cute flowered bag is made by Charming Charlies and is actually on sale right now!  This pattern is so pretty and is appropriate for all ages.  I bought this bag at the semi-annual sale, and the price is still lowered.  I added this cute octopus keychain to the bag  (you can find it “here“).


First, I have a coral and white notebook. I always like to have something to draw/write on when traveling. You can purchase a similar notebook here.  The next item I can’t live without is my favorite pair of headphones. These exact headphones are the gold wireless headphones made by beats. When I listen to music or watch something the time passes so much quicker. These are quite expensive, but they are worth it since they block out all the noise around you- which is great when you have a 5year old brother!


Last, but not least are these essential oils made by “Artnaturals.” They can be used with an oil diffuser, heath, etc. These oils are very economical and can be found on Amazon “here.” These come in handy when I’m trying to go to sleep or we pass a skunk (pretty common in Texas). They are easy to pack in your bag and are a keeper for me.

Thanks for stopping by!