Spring Trends to Try Out This Season

 Hey Friends! Today I want to share with you a few of my favorite spring trends. Recently I have been really into incorporating these into my looks. So today I’m breaking down five key trends for spring/summer 2018 and how you can incorporate them into your everyday looks. From pom-poms to big puffy sleeves, here are my favorite trends for this season!


1). Tassels

One of my favorite ways to add both a pop of color and a trendy piece into my look is a pair of tassel earrings. If you are one who doesn’t like to have big heavy earrings on then these are perfect for you! Not only are these earrings lightweight but also hypoallergic. As someone who has a sensitivity to metals, these are always a go-to in my wardrobe!

2). Bell Sleeves/ Balloon Sleeves

My All-time favorite trend! If you also follow me on IG then you have probably seen that every other picture is a top with balloon or bell sleeves (I have an obsession!). I find that especially down here in Louisiana it gets extremely hot in the spring/summer so balloon sleeves are not only cute but also keep you cool. If you are looking into updating your wardrobe I would definitely suggest picking up a few of these trendy tops!

3). Statement Earrings 

When it comes to accessorizing I especially love to add a pair of statement earrings. Due to my sensitivity to most metals, I have been on the search for a brand that makes earring for people like me who have sensitive ears. One of my favorite places to get earrings is from a brand called Tini Lux. They make affordable earrings that are always trendy!

4). Pom-poms

Lastly, we can’t forget my obsession with pom poms! If you don’t have these pom-pom detailed shorts from Nordstrom you need them ASAP! I think pom-poms are quickly taking a rise to the top of spring trends. They add a feminine and trendy touch to any outfit!

This blog post was in collaboration with Tini Lux Jewelry but as always, all opinions are mine!