Styling Up Casual Wear

Hey Friends! Not too long ago, I shared with y’all a loungewear jumpsuit from Katie J. NYC ( I recently received a second jumpsuit and decided I would share how to style it up for outerwear. Not only is it the perfect outfit for daily wear, but it is extremely comfortable. Keep reading to learn how to do it yourself!

The first step to styling this outfit was picking a good jacket to be worn over the jumper. I chose this jean jacket which is linked down below. Adding a jacket to this look adds sophistication and a dressy feel. Shop a few of my favorite jackets to layer over this jumpsuit:


Not only do you need a good jacket, but picking a good pair of shoes is also key. As many of you may know, tennis shoes are currently very much on trend. For that reason, I decided to pair these ready-to-wear, easy slip-on sneakers. They add a touch of chic-perfect for this outfit. Linked here are a few of my favorites:


Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!